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Late Winter – Time for Organizing

There are no winter blahs here. I am looking out the window of my warm, bright studio at a glittering white world and I know that those –19°F we had this morning had to be the last of the deep, deep cold of the winter. The days are getting longer and my winter organizing is nearing the end. There has been a lot to organize this year. I am splitting my attention three ways nowadays. I needed a break from non-stop pottery making and the traveling (mostly this) that makes it a living. So I am now also a freelance translator between English and Norwegian, which means that I can stay home with my family and still be flexible, and in charge! I have a particular passion for languages, so I am happy as a clam. Turning my designs from my pots into textile designs is also something that keeps my attention, and I am slowly adding more items and designs to my line-up. A tote bag is in the works! And of course, there is still pottery. I have a huge pile of clay I just pugged (prepared for throwing), so it's only a matter of time before I can get my hands dirty again! I have some orders to do, and then I'll be off into almost unchartered territories – I've got some porcelain and some new colors to experiment with.... As for the photo, yeah, I meant that my attention is focused four ways, not three. We have a new puppy, and his name is Humfrey!

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