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We are having warm days all of a sudden, which is greening up the grass and the trees. It feels good!

It's a time for change, not only in nature, but here in my studio too. I am not concentrating so much on pottery right now, more or less taking a break because I need to focus on two other things: I am getting more and more translating jobs, which is, frankly, needed for our financial stability, and:

Getting ready for my very first wholesale craft show! I am not taking pottery there, I can't wholesale that due to how time-consuming it is, but I am taking my textile items and greeting cards. The show is an ACRE show in Las Vegas, so it's farther than even I am used to traveling, but I am pretty excited about it! I am bringing a friend, so that I have company. We'll have fun!

I'll have to get a whole bunch of fabric printed and sewn: some pillows and tea towels, and (and this I love) tote bags like the one in the picture. That's my first and only one so far!

I am not completely done with pottery, however, I have some dinner set orders to do, and I am also signed up for Lakefront Art Festival in Milwaukee in June. I love my pottery time in the studio, so peaceful, but for a while now my life will be a bit more hectic, trying to cover everything I have set out to do.

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