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A New Batch of Small Bowls

It felt like spring today. I love skiing and it's too bad the snow is melting away, but at the same time, spring gives me all kinds of energy, and I think I can do everything. I am going to try!

Since I am spreading myself fairly thin these days, my output is not huge, but a couple of days ago I fired a batch (about 20) of small bowls. They are just a little bit smaller than what my average small bowl has been in the last couple of years (they have grown bigger over the years), but they are still a very useful size. You can see them on my Store page, with berries and oranges, for a sense of scale. There are some new mugs there too, and even a small plate with sheep!

I have scheduled only one art fair this year: ACC St. Paul, April 8-10, at the RiverCentre. I am looking forward to it!

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